My Rx Yoga

Paula is a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 hour level, a Yoga Therapist, Thai Yoga Therapist, and California State Certified Massage Therapist.    She has been a student of yoga for more than 15 years, teaching for over 9 years, and practicing the art of massage since 2006.  Paula has completed over 1500 hours of training in Yoga and Massage including her first RYT certification from Moksana Yoga Center, in Victoria, B.C.  Other notable training programs are Thai Yoga Therapy and Holistic Anatomy with Saul David Raye, Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Judith Hanson Lasater, Vinyasa Krama with Sri Vatsa Ramaswami at LMU, ONLINE Anatomy, Kinesiology and Biomechanics with Susi Hately, and  200 hour YogaWorks teacher training with Dani Ibarra.  Under the directors of Larry Payne, Ph.D, and Rick Morris, DCshe has completed her certification training in the cutting edge practice of Yoga Therapy Rx at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. 


Paula Fortunato  RYT 500, YTRX, CMT

  Liberate yourself from one size fits all, dogmatic yoga classes that ignore your own intelligence and disregard the changing seasons and cycles of your life.  Discover Your Yoga practice, and find out what “yoga” really means.  At My Rx Yoga you will be given a yoga prescription designed just for you.  Using the medium of audio/visual, a tailor-made yoga video will be your guide along your path of this physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual journey we call life.
    Born in to the wide open prairies of Alberta, Canada I’ve always had a strong connection to nature.  Movement has always been sacred to me, combining it with my love for the outdoors it became my medicine.  From hiking to bike riding, to down hill and cross country skiing I have always loved participating in all that the seasons have to offer.    Yoga was introduced to me through my love of theatre arts at a young age.  Throughout the years I noticed how yoga had become a great technique in improving my body awareness, calming my mind from back stage jitters and teaching me an innate sense of the healing powers of the body mind connection.    After studying theatre arts at Humber College in Toronto, I found myself training at The Actor’s Network in film and TV.  Inspired by the intricacies of this new medium, I dove right in, learning the basics of not only front of camera techniques but behind the camera operations as well.  My adventurous spirit brought me to several places around the world.  Experimenting with various types of yoga practice throughout the different stages and seasons of life has fueled my passion of connecting with divine nature through movement.   From the wide open prairies, to city apartment patios, to the crew deck of a cruise ship in the mediterranean, to the snow capped Canadian Rockies, to the rolling hills of Ventura County, my yoga practice has been with me.  Like me, my practice has changed, evolved, and transformed many times over.    The healing properties of yoga exist in the adaptability of the practice.   Over time we start to recognize what type of practice will serve us in any given moment.  We can use the tools yoga teaches us to tap in to the needs of our body and mind. It is here where self healing begins.